Eliza Kain

Mercenary Captain


Name: Eliza Kain
Race: Human
Type: Mercenary Captain

Suit Abilities:
Clubs (3): Martial Artist (High Impact)
Hearts (2): Born Leader (Medium Impact)
Diamonds (1): Philosopher (Low Impact)
Spades (1): Sleight of Hand (Low Impact)

Special FX (Queen of Hearts):
Magnificent Valor: Eliza puts her beliefs to the ultimate test, inspiring those around her to attempt the impossible.

Idealist: Captain Kain has led a very disciplined life, devoting herself to her principles. She would find it very difficult and disturbing to violate them.


Most folks who eke out a rough living in the Fringe aren’t there by choice. Exiles and fugitives, mostly, unable to live under the yolk of Core society or submit to rule of law, or the descendants of such.

Eliza Kain isn’t one of them. She grew up on Mars, deep within the Core, the daughter of a pair of diplomats. They were successful by Core standards, and could have provided the opulent lifestyle that most Core people enjoy, but young Eliza preferred the quiet halls and peaceful gardens of the local Shaolin monastery.

She proved to be a gifted acolyte, and soon spent more time at the monastery than she did at home. When she came of age, she was teaching most of the classes and managing many of the monastery affairs.

One day, the head monk came and spoke to her while she tended the garden. His words changed her life forever.

“A person, much like a plant, needs room to flourish. To be confined is to never reach your fullest potential.” He looked out over the trees and flowers. “You must go out into the worlds, Eliza. This place is a pot that you have outgrown. Sink your roots, spread out your leaves, live out your lessons instead of merely learning them. Only then will you truly understand their meaning.”

Now here she is, a decade later, about as far away from Mars as you can get without leaving this arm of the Milky Way, thinking again about that garden. Did the monks still tend it, now that the Ithri had come?

She tends hers as best she can, and not just the two spindly plants in her quarters. Out in the Fringe, both ships and crews require constant upkeep. Everything is always one bad shake away from broken, and she’d salvaged enough drifting derelicts to know what broken meant.

Still, the people seemed more alive out here, more real. Sure, there were plenty of cutthroats, thieves, and desperadoes, but history drives were full of humanity’s constant struggle between light and dark, order and chaos. To actually be living that struggle, testing her principles in the crucible of conflict, fills her with purpose.

And now the Ithri are here, and mankind has had one existential crisis replaced by another. Whether this be just another chapter in the story of humanity, or the epilogue, Captain Eliza Kain will do her part.

Eliza Kain

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