Round 1-4w

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World – Round 1, Turn 4

Use 9D - Thing, Concrete / Control / Balance
[Moderate Impact]

The switch in the saboteur's hand has the ability to change the balance of this situation.

Does he believe Eliza and turn on Baal, releasing the Ithrian from its prison? (50/50) No, but…

… but he decides not to involve the heroes either.  They'll mess up the deal.

The saboteur fidgeted nervously with his gun as all the pieces started to come together.  "Salvage?  You guys are a freakin' salvage crew?  Shit, are you ever in the wrong place at the wrong time."

The footsteps and voices from down the hall grew louder.  Baal's men were definitely heading their way.

The man lowered his weapon.  "Look, I don't know who you assholes are, but you just stepped in it big time.  Baal's about six favors deep to get this alien freak out here and I'd hate to see what he does if this exchange don't go his way."  He backed slowly toward the door leading to the corridor and peeked around the corner.  "Get out of sight and don't fuck this up.  I know how to handle guys like him."

Raising his weapon again, the saboteur swung out into the hallway, holding the trigger switch above his head menacingly.  "Stop right there!  I got your Ithrian safe and sound, but we're gonna do this my way, comprende?"

Do they shoot him? (Likely) Yes

In the corridor, four of Baal's thugs stopped in their tracks, leveling an assortment of scrapped-together plasma weapons at the mercenary.  "Where is it?" the lead thud demanded.

"Cargo bay, but you'll never get to it without —"

The saboteur's words were cut off as a crude plasma blast exploded past the doorway and ripped through his chest.  He fell backward into a smoking heap.

"Get to the cargo bay," came the voice from the hallway.  "You two, head to the cockpit and secure the ship.  There may be others on board."  A burst of static came from very near the door.  "And try to clear up the comms.  I think something's jamming us."

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Round 1-4w

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