Round 2-3w

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World – Round 2, Turn 3

Use 2H with 2C – General Baal's Thugs and Mercs
[Moderate Impact]

Proteus blinked slowly as his mind traced its way through the badly damaged computer systems on board the Nimbus Light.  All non-essential systems were offline, the main control processor was still stuck running a diagnostic, and what little auxiliary power was available was being used to keep up basic life support.  Definitely not the best place to be trapped with a hostile warlord gang.  Especially with what he was about to do next.

Without computer control, the entire airlock system was offline.  But he could still access the outer door servos for direct drive.  In rapid succession, the genomesh hacker killed power to the ship's critical systems, diverting all the available power from the aux batteries to the cargo bay door motors.  With any luck, he could get them open far enough to pilot the Dare inside.  He gripped the flight stick and flipped on a series of switches to return his own ship's systems to full power.  It was going to be a tight fit.

#     #     #

Inside the Nimbus Light's cargo bay, everything suddenly went black as the ship's emergency systems dropped offline.  A low pitched vibration shook the metal floor plates from deep in the bowels of the ship.  And then the gravity stopped.  The only sound in the dead vessel was the dull grinding of metal on metal as the outer doors to the cargo airlock slowly began to open.

"What the hell?" One of the mercs said, trying desperately to orient himself through the sickening sensation of the slowly failing gravity field.  Around them, the cargo pods bobbed slightly, held in place by straps.  All the mercs grabbed onto anything they could and starting fumbling for their flashlights.

"The power's off.  What's the hell's going on?"

"I don't know.  I thought we had the bridge!"

Several points of light sprung to life, cutting narrow beams through the blackness of the cargo bay.

"Is it the alien?"

"Someone get in contact with the ship.  Are the radios still out?"

"Oh god, it's the alien.  It's gonna kill us all!"

The beams of light frantically searched the dark shapes of the cargo bay as the thugs tried to orient themselves in the zero-g.

"Wait… there!"

One of the flashlight beams snapped to the cargo bay door.  In front of the massive structure, they saw movement as figures moved among the pods towards the manual door controls.

"They're going for the cargo airlock.  Blast em!"

Bursts of blinding green and orange light flashed across the pitch-black cargo bay as the thugs wildly opened fire.

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Round 2-3w

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