Round 3

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Round 3

"And so we commend the souls of our brothers, and commit their bodies to the void."

The Virginia Dare rested at a dead stop, about halfway to the Azraa system. 

Eliza, Jericho, and Proteus stood just outside the cargo area, looking at the four bodies one final time through a small reinforced window. Click stood near the opposite wall, observing.

"Ashes to ashes," she said, reciting the ancient phrase as she reached for the button that would jettison the cargo. "Dust to dust." She removed the button cover and pressed it.

The four bodies from the Nimbus Light tumbled away, quickly becoming mere specks among the stars.

"That could have been us," Eliza said after a long moment. She turned to face her crew. "I know I put us in a tight spot, and for that I apologize. But I believe we did the right thing, and I thank you both. You guys were amazing back there." She glanced over at Click. "We'll figure this out together. Are you with me?"

Jericho spoke first. "I'm with you, boss. You're gonna need all the help you can get against Baal. He's not the forget and forgive type."

Proteus nodded. "I am with you, Captian. Click may know what was done to me, and why."

"Alright then," Eliza said, "we better get moving." She pushed the button again, and the cargo doors closed.

Proteus nodded and started to head for the helm. When Click started to follow, he hesitated.

"It's okay," Eliza said. "Let it look around. We've all seen what it can do. If Click wanted us dead, we'd already be that way."

Proteus nodded. He and Click left the room, leaving Eliza and Jericho alone.

Eliza couldn't help but smile a little. "That trick back there with the exploding plasma pistol…genius."

Jericho nodded, "Yeah, the ol' gun grenade. One thing about life on the Fringe: everything is always very close to exploding violently." He laughed a little, then looked at Eliza. "You weren't half bad yourself, you know. You got moves, boss."

"I was a fool," Eliza said. "I should've known better than to leave the Dare unarmed. It won't happen again."

"Eh, don't be so hard on yourself," Jericho said. "You know how many times I've almost been killed? This one barely counts. Tinman, too, I'll reckon." He glanced down at Eliza's hand. "Plus, you faced down a firing squad. I couldn't have done that. Not without you."

It was Eliza's turn to laugh. "The credit goes to Click on that one. They were absolutely going to shoot us. A lot." She smiled warmly at Jericho. "I couldn't have done that without you, either. Thank you."

Jericho gave her a wink. "Anytime."

#     #     #

Days later, they were all in the galley eating. Click had taken an intense liking to beets and sat, thrumming as he chewed. 

Proteus suddenly stopped mid-bite. "Captain," he said, frowning, "the ship is slowing down."

"Are we there already?" Eliza asked, checking her watch.

"Standby," Proteus said, pulling up the map in his enhanced vision. As he watched, the map showing their approach to the Azraa system fuzzed out. Another image started to take its place, and none of it made sense.

"Captain, we have a problem," said Proteus, trying to keep his voice calm.

Everyone except Click stopped eating. "What is it?" Eliza asked as casually as possible.

"We are nowhere near the Azraa system," he replied, eyes pulsing.

"What?" Eliza said. "Where are we?"

"We are approaching a planet," Proteus said, still processing the data. When the image cleared, he dropped his fork. "It is Rama!" he said, knocking his stool over as he shot to his feet.

Rama was a remote world, considered unfit for colonization. Yet Proteus detected life signs on the surface.

"Turn us around," Eliza said, she and Jericho getting to their feet.

"I cannot," said Proteus. "We do not have enough fuel to make it to Azraa." Just then, an alien word formed in his field of view, changing to read TRUST. "Click says we must trust him," he said.

They all looked over at the Ithrian. He still sat, eating the beet. His thrumming continued as the red juice dripped from his mandibles.

Abandoned Seismic Research Camp, Rama
The planet of Rama is an Impromptu Location.  We know that the world is technically inhabitable, but believed to be too harsh to colonize.  I will use Stars Without Number to randomly generate its characteristics.  Half of the Conflict List entries will be generated by Mythic.  I will roll dice to determine which ones.

The World Player has the advantage and receives 1 Impact Token.

Rama, 4th Planet of the Gamma Galilei System

Atmosphere: Corrosive and invasive atmosphere

Temperature: Temperate

Biosphere: Immiscible biosphere, not friendly to humans

Population: Outpost

Tech Level: High technology level with specialists

World Tags: Freak Geology, Minimal Contact


Gamma Galilei-4, also known as Rama, is a remote world generally considered unfit for colonization.  Though it lies within its star's habitable zone, the planet has a dense atmosphere of corrosive gas and a highly unstable crust.  A planetary survey performed decades ago indicates that the planet most likely consists of an incredibly dense core surrounded by a shell of porous rock filled with caves and air pockets, like a sponge.


During the survey, a scientific output was established on the world to study the strange landscape and alien plant life.  The outpost was quickly abandoned, however, after the researchers found the harsh conditions too unbearable.  Traveling on the surface required a sealed suit and the corrosive atmosphere quickly ruined much of their sensitive equipment.  The scientists' report concluded that the planet held nothing of value and their outpost was quickly abandoned.

  1. <generated by Mythic>
  2. Highly corrosive atmosphere
  3. <generated by Mythic>
  4. Unstable seismic activity
  5. <generated by Mythic>
  6. Mysterious life signs
  7. Evidence of an attack on the outpost
  8. <generated by Mythic>
  9. <generated by Mythic>
  10. Click's agenda
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Round 3

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