Setting Creation

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Setting Creation

Before beginning the game, both players agreed it would be a sci-fi themed adventure.  Then the World Player came up with several options about the setting for the Hero Player to choose from.  This went back and forth for several iterations until the major setting details were established.

Options and Choices

The Hero Player was given the following choices.  The option that was chosen is highlighted.

Sci-Fi Flavor (choose 1):

  • Near Future – humans expand in our solar system, based on hard science
  • Utopio/Distopia – social sci-fi, mankind develops an ideal society, but at what cost
  • Space Opera – tales of daring heroes and galactic good and evil
  • Galactic Explorers – the universe is a big place, boldly go where no one has gone before
  • Antiquity – aliens and their great technology visit mankind's unstable past

Hybrid Genre (choose 1):

  • Western – space is a lawless frontier frought with danger and full of need
  • Horror – come face to face with things-man-was-not-meant-to-<wbr />know
  • Superhuman – humans have evolved or transformed to have mystical powers
  • Cyberpunk – transcend humanity, meld with machinery, slice into the galactic mesh
  • Urban Fantasy – strange prophesies, cyber ghosts, dimensional rifts… not everything is as it seems

Extra Bit (choose 1):

  • Galactic War – a war is raging between opposing factions
  • Conspiracy – those in power keep a dangerous secret from those without
  • Impending Doom – not everyone knows it, but soon everything will be destroyed
  • Social Evolution – AI is sentient, life can be created, or technology removes scarcity
  • Overlords – alien entities with power beyond comprehension watch with mysterious purpose

Reason for Explorers (choose 1):

  • A Rare Element – whatever it is, it's critical to the advanced technology that makes life on the frontier of space possible.. and it makes whoever finds it very rich
  • Trailblazers – small teams scout out untouched planets for resources and their suitability as military outposts in the unstable turf war
  • Rangers – working for a warlord or other faction, these rag-tag mercenary squads bring intel and supplies to remote outposts and occasionally conduct raids
  • Scavengers – ruins from an ancient alien civilization dot the sector, filled with technological relics that could offer ambitious warlords the upper hand

Alien Life (choose 1):

  • Only Humans – since leaving Earth, different factions of humans have formed to fight for control of the space lanes
  • Galactic Neighbors – a tense political situation exists with other intelligent species who may or may not approve of humanity's expansion
  • New Planet, New Lifeform – there's tons of life in the galaxy and every planet has some type of crazy organism
  • Us vs Them – there's just one other alien species… and they want what we have
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Setting Creation

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