The Ithrian Gambit

Since the advent of FTL drive technology, mankind has spread out from Earth, colonizing hundreds of worlds beyond the solar system.  Well beyond the prosperous central planets and the protection of the Unified Terran Armed Forces (UTAF) lies a sprawl of sparsely colonized worlds known as the Fringe.  This lawless expanse at the edge of colonized space is ruled by various sector warlords and pirates gangs.  Outside of the civilized core planets, only the strong survive.  Out here, the law exists at the end of a smoking plasma gun.

As if things weren't bad enough, a warlike alien race came out of nowhere a few years back and began attacking the core worlds.  Very little is known about the mysterious attackers, except that they call themselves the Ithri and they appear to be hellbent on the total subjugation of humanity.  With the destabilization of the Core due to the war, fewer and fewer supplies are making it out the Fringe these days, putting even more pressure on the settlers of this harsh frontier.  What's worse, more and more reports are coming in of Ithri ships being spotted out in the Fringe… well past the main front of the war.

Amidst the growing tensions, a simple human salvage crew from a Fringe world is about to come face to face with the Ithri threat like no one ever has before.  Though they don't realize it, humanity's future may very well rest on their shoulders.  Will they discover the truth behind the Ithrian invasion?  Will they find a way to turn the tides of war before it's too late?  Or maybe not everything is as simple it appears…


The Ithrian Gambit is a sci-fi adventure for two players using the World vs Heroes rules.  The players take turns writing scenes in the ongoing story while remaining within the confines of the WvH rules.  The finished result should read somewhat like a novella, except neither player knows what will happen next and is constantly challenging the other with tricky situations.  It's a ton of fun to play, and we hope you enjoy reading along.

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The Ithrian Gambit

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