Round 1

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Round 1

Derelict Freighter, Nimbus Light
The Nimbus Light is an Impromptu Location.  For most locations in this game, Mythic will generate 4-6 threats to help keep things moving in unexpected directions.  The World Player often doesn't share the conflict lists with the Hero player, but I think it makes things more interesting if it's common knowledge.

  1. Malfunctioning ship systems
  2. <generated by Mythic>
  3. <generated by Mythic>
  4. Automated defenses
  5. <generated by Mythic>
  6. <generated by Mythic>
  7. Warlord ship arrives
  8. Survivor in a space suit
  9. <generated by Mythic>
  10. Unimaginable cargo


Proteus sat at the helm of the Virginia Dare, his eyes pulsing with soft light. Images danced across his field of view, data from the ship's computer. Outside, the ship's docking arm attached to the hatch collar of the Nimbus Light and made a good seal. Proteus blinked, and the pulsing subsided, but did not stop completely. "Captain," he said, "we are docked with the Nimbus Light."

"Ten-four, I'm almost done suiting up," came the reply. "Any trouble with the tractor beam?"

"Negative," said Proteus, running a diagnostic. "Seems like the focus module is still good." 

"I guess I owe you some credits, then," said the captain. "I thought that old Terran trader was shady as hell."

Proteus would have smiled, if circumstances had been different. He thought of the four bodies in the cargo hold that had just proven the effectiveness of their repaired tractor beam. "Shall I come down and help with the…them?"

"No, it looks like they've been dead awhile. A few more hours won't hurt. Stay plugged in, we may need the batteries on the Nimbus. And keep monitoring the sensors, I don't want anything sneaking up on us."

Eliza Kain locked her helmet into place as she heard Proteus say, "Yes, Captain."

Her HUD lit up as her suit came online. "Jericho, you there? I'm headed over."

"I'm here, boss," Jericho said after a few seconds. "I'm moving toward the engine room."

 Eliza stepped into the short docking tube and out of the Virginia Dare's artificial gravity field. She reoriented herself according to the markings on the Nimbus Light's outer hull, and then pushed through the slightly irregular but cleanly burned hole made by Jericho's breaching charge. She locked her mag boots to the deck and pulled up the freighter's schematic on her HUD. "Okay, I'm aboard. Jericho, after you're done in the engine room, sweep through the crew's quarters. I'll make a pass through the mess hall and the medical station, and we'll meet up on the bridge. Proteus, if I can get the ship's computer back online, do your thing and figure out what the hell happened here. Questions?" She waited a couple seconds. "Okay guys, let's do this."

#     #     #

Jericho glanced around the engine room as he prepared his tools. The frozen bodies of the ship's crew floated gently around the large room, sparkling in the light from his headlamps. Jericho counted them. This would have been a full engine crew, which meant that they were not at battle stations when the life support gave out. He looked at the walls and up at the ceiling. No scuff marks, no handprints. They were already dead when the ship lost gravity. Whatever happened here happened fast, and the ship lost vital functions before secondary functions, which meant either a severe malfunction or an attack. Or both. Whatever the reason, the sooner they were out of here, the better. Jericho snapped on a socket and started on the first bolt.

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Round 1

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