Round 2

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Round 2

Derelict Freighter, Nimbus Light
The Nimbus Light is an Impromptu Location.  Some of the conflict list entries were filled in during the last round and others have been changed slightly to fit the current situation.

  1. Malfunctioning ship systems
  2. General Baal's thugs and mercenaries
  3. <generated by Mythic>
  4. Automated defenses
  5. <generated by Mythic>
  6. <generated by Mythic>
  7. Baal's warship, the Appomattox
  8. <generated by Mythic>
  9. A sudden shift in the balance of power
  10. The Ithrian prisoner


The three ships spun serenely together in deep space against a background of countless stars. Weak light from a distant sun faintly illuminated their hulls, shadows shrinking and stretching as they slowly rotated.

Inside the Nimbus Light, the firefight continued. Jericho and Eliza were pinned down, and running out of time.

Smoke hung heavy in the air, and smelled of burning plasteel. The dim glow of the emergency lights was punctuated by bright flashes of small arms fire.

Jericho ducked back behind cover just in time to avoid several bolts of plasma. He and Eliza had fallen back several rows, desperately trying to avoid being flanked. They got separated this time, Eliza drawing fire so that Jericho might get a better angle. Instead, he found himself totally exposed to a merc he didn't see before, coming from the door they had first entered through.

That meant reinforcements. "We're cut off, boss," Jericho said, their comm channel still active and secure. "I'll try to get back-"

A plasma grenade detonated just around the corner, the concussive blast knocking Jericho to the ground. He scrambled to safety, plasma bolts scoring the deck all around him. His ears rang, and his vision was blurry. Shaking his head to clear his mind, he looked up and saw Eliza in the next row, fighting two mercs hand-to-hand. Her technique was as good as he'd ever seen, but more mercs joined in, forcing her back. They were overrun.

Just then, in the corner of his eye, he saw it. Darting from shadow to shadow, the Ithrian closed in. It held something long and metal, maybe the handle to one of the manual hydraulic jacks.

In seconds it was there, fighting side by side with the captain. Eliza deftly disarmed one of the mercs, and the Ithrian broke another one's arm, swinging the handle with brutal force. Eliza landed a kick to the head of yet another, and dropped him. The Ithrian thrust with the handle, catching a fourth merc in the ribs. There was another sickening crunch, and he fell, gasping for breath.

Eliza and the Ithrian moved and fought as one, two different beings from two different worlds, united by the ancient and universal laws of conflict. Their skill and experience was evident in every step, every strike.

In moments, the half dozen mercs around them lay on the ground, either writhing in pain or motionless. Eliza breathed hard from the exertion, and the Ithrian's low clicking noises echoed throughout the bay.

Behind them, the merc with the broken arm suddenly sat up, aiming a pistol. There was a blast of plasma, and he fell back to the floor, dead. The Ithrian whipped around to face the threat.

Jericho holstered his pistol, still smoking from the firefight, and held out his empty hands. "Easy, buddy," he said cautiously.

The Ithrian started toward him, but Eliza reached out and, for the first time, touched it. It halted, turning back toward her quickly.

"He's a friend," she said.

Back on the Dare, Proteus had been listening to the fight, wanting to help, but not wanting to reveal the ship by moving in before the captain's signal. Hearing this exchange, he sent the word "friend" to the Ithrian over their link.

In the cargo bay, the Ithrian relaxed. He dropped the jack handle and made a strange gesture, crossing two limbs and sinking down slightly.

"It says 'thank you,'" Proteus said.

"I'll be damned," Jericho said as Eliza repeated the gesture as best she could. "Now I've seen everything."

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Round 2

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