Round 2-1w

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World – Round 2, Turn 1

Use 2C – General Baal's Thugs and Mercs
[Low Impact]

On the bridge of the Appomattox, General Baal paced back and forth with anticipation, staring frequently out the hazy viewport.  On that ship, just meters away, was his prize.  He'd spent months setting up this very moment, and now it was finally within his grasp.  

Just then, one of his men burst through the old steel doorway, looking frazzled.  "General…" the man panted.

Baal turned and stared at him skeptically.  It was always something.  "Well… what is it."

"General, there's…" the man looked confused.  "… there's some sort of hostile team on the ship.  They're armed, but we got em pinned down in the cargo bay.  The freaking alien got loose and is fighting along side them… they're doing some sort of kung fu and —"

Baal held up his hand to cut the man off.  "Some sort of kung fu?" he repeated.

The thug shrugged slightly.  Baal's hand clenched into a fist.

The man gulped.  "Shall I send another team?"

Baal scoffed at him.  "What, to blunder about like the rest of ya?  I think ya'll have done quite enough to fuck this particular pig for one day.  That cargo's too valuable, and too bleedin' dangerous to have you fools running around blasting things indiscreminately."

The warlord turned away from the bridge, undoing the gold buttons on his military dress jacket with one hand.  "I'll do this one myself.  Prep my suit."

#     #     #

A haze of smoke hung in the air of the cargo bay as both sides of the firefight took a quick moment to regroup.  The remaining thugs had retreated behind a row of cargo pods, checking their weapons and generally trying to figure out what the heck was happening.  The darkened chamber was quiet, except for their heavy breathing and the echoing clicks of the Ithrian… wherever it was.

One of them peered out around the corner of the pod.  "You're pinned down!" he yelled into the darkness, roughly towards where he knew the other group was.   "You know that thing will kill us all, right?"

There was no response.

He looked over his shoulder, motioning with one hand for the others to move.  Behind him, the other thugs shuffled quietly from pod to pod, getting into a better spot to advance on the heroes' position.  The merc raised his weapon, getting ready for the charge.

"Why don't ya'll just come out now and let's talk this over."

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Round 2-1w

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