Round 2-4h

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Hero – Round 2, Turn 4

Use 2H - Eliza, Born Leader
[Low Impact]

Echoes faded as the sounds of fighting became another tense silence. The warlord's message was broadcast on an open channel, heard by everyone.

"Still think Baal won't negotiate?" Eliza asked Jericho quietly, the dead saboteur still fresh in her mind.

"Well," Jericho shrugged, "we have totally fucked up his plans and killed a few of his guys since the last time somebody tried. Think that'll make him more amenable?"

"It would if he was smart," Eliza said, scanning the darkened bay. "Maybe we can use this lull to make a break for the override. Proteus, get ready-"

"Apologies, Captain," Proteus broke in, "but Baal has moved his ship to intercept our escape."

Eliza shook her head. Definitely one of those days. "Well, damn," she said, meeting Jericho's eyes, "guess we have to try it his way."

Before Jericho could react, Eliza tightened the food bag's strap across her chest and swung around the container out into the open.

"We're coming out!" she shouted, still holding onto a cargo strap to keep her from floating away. She opened her other hand to show that she was unarmed.

Instantly, several flashlight beams snapped to her. "General Baal," she said over the open comm channel, "I am Eliza Kain, captain of the Virginia Dare." She stared into the harsh glare of the lights, not cringing or shielding her eyes. "My crew and I came as salvagers, with no knowledge of your operation. We had the right to do so, as this is a derelict vessel."

As she spoke, Jericho slowly emerged. He thought, not for the first time, that there was much more to her than met the eye. He passed behind Eliza, using her shadow as cover to slide his pistol into a pouch on the back of the food bag. He floated in the light beside her, unarmed.

"What are your orders, General?" They heard one of the thugs ask.

"How many goddamn times do I have to say 'no witnesses' before you people understand what I'm gettin' at?" The reply came over the open channel.

The lead merc raised his hand, and the flashlight beams shifted slightly as the rest of Baal's thugs took aim. Eliza held her head high, not flinching. Surprisingly, Jericho did the same.

On the Dare, Proteus listened helplessly, trapped in the cargo airlock. His connection to the Ithrian was still present, but he had received no words from it since the first two. Now, he transmitted two words of his own, over and over.

"Any last words?" General Baal asked.

Eliza and Jericho said nothing, but they reached for each other, joining hands. The mercenaries tensed, preparing to fire.

And that is when the clicking sound began.

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Round 2-4h

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