Round 3-2w

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World – Round 3, Turn 2

Use 3S - Thing, Concrete / Adversity / The Intellectual
[Low Impact]


This sounds like some of the strange equipment mentioned on the data chip.

Is the equipment of Ithrian origin? (Likely) Yes

How does the equipment provide adversity? (Complex): Break / Tension

Eliza's head lamps cut narrow beams through the dust as she descended down the cable into the darkened rift.  Thankfully the pit wasn't too deep and her boots touched down on the uneven ground after only 20 feet or so.  She took a moment to scan the area before looking back up at the opening where Jericho was peering down at her, plasma pistol at the ready.

"All clear," she said into the comm.  Jericho immediately holstered his weapon and descended the cable quickly to land at her side.

The pair's head lamps scanned across the jagged rock walls of the small pit, looking for anything of interest.  The ground beneath them was an uneven mess of rubble and collapsed stone, obviously the result of a cave in.

"Over here, boss," Jericho said, laying a hand on Eliza's shoulder.  The captain turned to see Jericho's light illuminating a half buried tunnel entrance at the base of the rock pile.  

Eliza nodded.  "Let's check it out.  Click must have gone that way."

The two moved carefully down the pile of rubble, knocking loose stones as they descended.  Jericho drew his pistol again and led the way into the dark opening.  The tunnel beyond was smooth but uneven, growing and shrinking almost organically as it twisted and descended into the strange rock of the alien planet.  They continued in silence for a few minutes before coming upon a wider section of the tunnel packed with strange equipment.

Jericho held up his hand and the two stopped.

Eliza looked with interest and wonder at the strange devices.  "Woah," she said, taking in the banks of streamlined metal inset with thousands of dimly flashing lights.  "What is it."

Jericho swallowed hard.  He recognized the tech.  "It's Ithrian."

Eliza's eyes immediately snapped to the man.  "Ithrian?  How do you know?"

Jericho paused about two seconds too long.  "Saw some at a black market on Kaelon-7 once."

"Proteus, you better get down here," Eliza said into the comm, eyes never leaving the hired gun next to her.

"I am on my way, captain.  Descending the cable now."

"Still think this is a good idea?" Jericho asked, a tinge of worry in his voice.

Eliza didn't answer.  Moments later, Proteus emerged from the tunnel behind them, his own environmental suit casting a third beam of light onto the strange equipment.  The genomesh froze the moment he saw it.

"Captain, I do not mean to alarm you, but this is Ithrian technology."

Eliza nodded slowly.  "What is it?  What's it doing here?"

The pilot's eyes pulsed with soft, multi-colored light as he analyzed the aging equipment.  As if in response, the lights on the machinery began to blink rhythmically and a deep, humming vibration could be felt in the stone beneath their feet.

"I am not positive, Captain, but I believe it to be some sort of seismic destabilizer.  The equipment is old, but appears to still be functional."

"Could this have taken out the research camp?" Eliza asked.

Proteus nodded.

"Ithrian tech… on a human controlled world… from over twenty years before the invasion."

Everyone turned to look at Jericho.

"I think we need to find our friend Click."

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Round 3-2w

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