World Description

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World Description

Based on the previous choices and several rounds of brainstorming, we came up with the following description for the setting.

The Colonial Sprawl
Gritty Frontier Sci-Fi Rangers (Firefly + Borderlands + XCOM)
Size: A sprawl of isolated colony worlds on the fringe of human controlled space

Since the advent of FTL drive technology, mankind has spread out from Earth, colonizing hundreds of worlds beyond the solar system.  The worlds nearest to Earth are known as the core worlds.  These planets were among the first to be colonized and now are nearly as civilized and advanced as Earth itself.  Often called the Central Core, these planets form the heart of mankind's presence among the stars.  Beyond the Central Core lies a huge sprawl of colony worlds, planets too harsh and too distant from the Core to support anything more than isolated colonies.  Life on the Fringe is harsh and dangerous, a frontier far removed from the luxuries and law of the central planets.

Well beyond the reach of the Central Government and the Unified Terran Armed Forces (UTAF), the Fringe colonies fall under the rule of various sector warlords and pirate gangs.  These criminal elements fight among themselves for control of territory and supplies.  Most colonists on the Fringe find themselves under the "protection" of one of these gangs, giving up a large portion of their resources to support the warlord's armed thugs and rag-tag fleet.  The chaotic political situation on the Fringe worlds makes it a hot bed for mercenaries as well.  Independent crews, operating patched-together ships, run supplies between colonies or do dirty work for the sector bosses to make ends meets.  Outside of the civilized core planets, only the strong survive.  Out here, the law exists at the end of a smoking plasma gun.

As if things weren't bad enough, a warlike alien race came out of nowhere a few years back and began attacking the core worlds.  Very little is known about the mysterious attackers, except that they call themselves the Ithri and they appear to be hellbent on the total subjugation of humanity.  For now, the worst of the fighting has been confined to the Core, to humanity's richest and most developed worlds.  Terran warships clash with Ithri armadas in orbit above the core planets while UTAF marines prepare the human cities for invasion.  Reports from the Core indicate that the war is not going well.  The human fleets are making a valiant stand against the invading Ithri, but they are being slowly beaten back by the invaders' superior numbers and technology.

With the destabilization of the Core, fewer and fewer supplies are making it out the Fringe these days, putting even more pressure on the settlers of the harsh frontier.  What's worse, recently a few Ithri ships have been spotted out in Fringe space, probably scouts or vanguard ships preparing for the aliens' eventual expansion.  Reports have started to trickle in that the aliens may be establishing footholds on unclaimed planets, attacking trade vessels and beginning to expand their influence in the Fringe.  As the Ithri continue their expansion, some of the sector warlords have banded together in an uneasy alliance to confront the new threat while the colonies struggle to get by with the increasingly diminishing supplies.


Hero Races

Whether born on the Fringe or recently arrived from the Core, you are a human.  Humans are incredibly numerous and varied in known space.

After character creation, gain an additional Suit Ability of rank (1) that reflects your experiences with the war or a harsh life on the Fringe.

You were human once; then the Ithri got ahold of you.  You probably would have died in their genetics labs, but somehow you escaped… but not before they spliced your genome with alien DNA.

You may take a Suit Ability that reflects your genetic enhancements, either physical, mental, or psychic.

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World Description

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